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  • Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 05:25:03 -0800 (PST)

we were running the shrinkfile command and it kept throwing up errors with the 
file name. I have seen it somewhere that - not _ are not allowed within the 
file name. We ran same command on other files without the - and it worked. Not 
quite sure how we can run the command on ID rather than filename still quite 
new to Sql.


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What is the problem that you are having?  That is, why command are you 
executing, what results are you expecting, and what results are you getting?  I 
donʼt recall having problems with dashes in file names, but I canʼt 
specifically remember an instance where I had a dash either.  Have you tried 
shrinking the file by ID instead of by name?
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Hi Guys,
Not quite sure if I would find the answer here, but I will ask anyway.
We have an SQL server 2000, with a DB Fire-fly2000.mdb (350mb), and a 
corresponding logfile Fire-fly2000.ldf (69GB). Now the issue is that we want to 
shink the .ldf file cos of disk space, but we are having a problem with the 
naming convention. SQL does not like - in names. Is there a way we can get 
around this?

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