[windows2000] Some Exchange 2003 Questions

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Afternoon all,

At present I am running an instance of Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003,
and an instance of Exchance 5.5 on Windows NT4.

The exchange 5.5 box is running off an expensive (as in pay-per-minute) ISDN
line and is our current live mail server. It pulls our company emails down
from a POP3 box, via a program called pullmail. The 2k3 server is on a fixed
price DSL connection and is going to be our new mail server, and it will be
sending and receiving messages via direct SMTP.

One of my problems is that I already have a full-time job providing tech
support on our products so have little time to do research on the best way
to migrate, let alone perform the actual migration, but am being put under a
little pressure to get the traffic off the expensive, slow ISDN line.

Is there a way I can direct the Exchange 5.5 boxes traffic through the 2K3
box? I can see in Ex5.5 there is an option to forward all email to a certain
SMTP host for delivery. If I enter the internal IP address of the 2K3 box,
and give that IP permission to relay on the 2K3 box will outgoing mail be

Secondly, is there a way I can get the 2K3 box to download the pending
messages from our POP3 box, and forward them directly onto the SMTP service
on the 5.5 box? I couldnt find any way of setting up a POP3 collection
service, only a POP3 server.

Is this even worth doing, so should I just spend the time sitting down and
getting the migration done once and for all?

Thanks for reading.

Rob Sharp

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