[windows2000] Re: Slightly OT:Exchange 5.5 or 2000 on 200 Server

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To do the migration from 5.5 to Ex2k you will have to have a EX2K box to
migrate all your ex5.5 user mailboxes to. To have EX2K you need Active
Directory and to have the co-existence of 5.5 and AD you will need to change
the LDAP port on your EX5.5 box as Active directory uses the port number 389
by default. You can pick any port number you want, provided it is free and
not a commonly used one, but Microsoft usually recommend 390 anyway for easy
of use, and because I guess it is easy to remember.

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  No...you HAVE to have AD to run Exchange 2000.  There is no way around
this one.   Other than that then you can do everything else you ask.


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    Hello, I have a situation where I have an existing Exchange 5.5 server
on NT 4.0 that is on it's last legs.  What I would like to do is to install
a fresh copy of Windows 2000 server on a new machine, install Exchange 2000,
and then migrate the 5.5 information to the exchange 2000 machine.  I am not
running in an active directory environment, the 2000 server would simply be
a member server in a NT 4.0 Domain.  Is this possible?


    Collin White

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