[windows2000] Re: Slightly OT: XP SP2 - Install or Not?

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  • Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 09:06:16 -0000


I've installed it on most of the 200 XP machines we have here.  Since then,
I've had some problems that I blame on a combination of XPSP2 and NTFS -
because I can't think of anything else it might be, given the circumstances.
Ever since we installed SP2, occasionally computers running NTFS decide that
they are going to die with 0x00000051 REGISTRY_ERROR stop errors, requiring
re-imaging.  This never once happened in the year or so we had XP with only
SP1, and only ever happens in the rooms running NTFS - we have a room full
of FAT32 machines which stand immune.

Having said that, I've not had any problems at home with XPSP2.  Maybe it's
the school environment it doesn't like.  Though, I'd be grateful if anyone
has any advice.

Neil Bullock, ICT Technician
Brayton College, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9QS, England.
T: 01757 707731  F: 01757 213389 

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> I was wondering what the consensus is with regards to 
> installing XP SP2. 
> I personally do not use XP, but I have a few clients that use it.  I 
> remember when it first came out that it had hardware and software 
> compatibility issues.  Were the problems legitimate, or was 
> it operator 
> error?  Most of my clients use their systems for the basic/vanilla 
> office programs.  No extravagant software/games and not a lot 
> of non-MS 
> software installed.
> Thanks a million!
> -MikeD

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