[windows2000] Slightly OT: VPN setup

  • From: "Shawn R. Beairsto" <sbeairst@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 16:16:43 -0400

Hi all, very aggravating problem here:

We are wanting to replace our current VPN solution (InfoExpress VSGate)
Just set up a new Win2000 server, as a VPN server.  I've followed the 
directions from Microsoft 

Seemed pretty easy to set up.  However, it does not work.
Everything is configured as per the doc above.  Service is running, no errors 
in the Event Log.  However, every attempt I''ve made to connect to it (from 2 
different Windows 2000 boxes, a Mac OSX client, and a remote user running WinXP 
over dialup) fails with a server unreachable error.  I don't see any evidence 
on the VPN server that it even registered an attempt to connect to it.

Right now the server is behind our router (Linux 7.3 but tried a Linksys for 
the hell of it, no change) but I plan to move it inside our network behind the 
firewall once I can get it working.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Shawn Beairsto
Network Administrator
Data Kinetics Ltd.

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