[windows2000] Re: Slightly OT: Tales of Two Computers

  • From: "Charles R. Buchanan" <daphatbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 19:22:28 -0700

On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 21:59:01 +0000, Dogers <dogers@xxxxxxxxx> came up with this:

> On 29/10/2007, Charles R. Buchanan <daphatbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > If I was to remove the sound card, I would no longer have any sounds,
> > correct?
> Yep, but it's only to confirm that it's the Creative card that's
> causing the slow boots. Some drivers for SBLives are known to cause XP
> to boot very slowly for some reason!

Will try that this weekend when I have more time. (There's a
holder/bracket that I have to remove to get to the card) 

> Try going into its properties and selecting update driver. Then choose
> "from a specific location" and "not to search, i'll select". See if
> there's something more specific listed? Windows might not want to
> switch to it because it's not a signed driver.

Just tried that and although I found the "ATI  IDE Controller" driver,
it's already installed.  

> > The thought came to mine that if I add another drive, maybe that would
> > let me turn the RAID controller on? I have two drives in the first
> > computer, but I don't have a RAID setup. I do remember switching to the
> > IDE controller after I had played with a RAID 0 on that one, and the
> > computer was slower.
> Hmm.. Well, if nothing else fixes it, try loading optimized defaults
> in the BIOS (AWARD BIOSes usually have this option on the right hand
> column of options, not sure where it is in Phoenix BIOSes!)

Will give that a go. Stay tuned! :-)  I have installed the second drive
and tried to turn on the RAID controller, but XP just re-boots because
when you turn on the RAID Controller, it also turns on the AHCI which
isn't installed. So that theory didn't work. :-(

> > I also updated the BIOS as well. Haven't noticed any obvious changes
> > except the number of DIMM slots used/available in the summary.
> BIOS updates generally don't do wonders for performance, unfortunately!

Thought I would give it a shot. At least I now have the latest and
greatest! :-)  


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