[windows2000] Re: Slightly OT: Software RAID with win2k/xp pro

  • From: "Sorin Srbu" <Sorin.Srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 15:01:46 +0200

On Tue, 7 Sep 2004 13:55:25 +0100, Angus Macdonald wrote:

>If it's a stripe set I'm fairly sure you'll get 4 * the smallest drive. 

I've had some off-list replies which more or less are all
different... Me myself, I can't ever get those raid-configs

>maximum space, although without the performance gain of striping, you could
>make a volume set which just adds the capacities together. Data is written
>to drive 1 until it becomes full, then drive 2 etc. Performance isn't as
>good as striping but you can dynamically extend the set with extra drives
>whenever you like.

Does win2k pro and xp pro do this?

I recall volume sets, but only on windows server OSes. Correct?

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>Hi all,
>I'm fiddling with a raid test over here, with some really ancient
>* 4x harddrives; 428M, 421M, 540M and 540M respectively.
>* Win2k pro sp4
>If I make them all dynamic disks, and build a simple stripe set
>(non-redundant = RAID 0?), will all the space be accumulated to a
>single big array (428M + 421M + 540M +540M = 1929M), or will the
>smallest drive decide the final size (4 x 421=1684M)?
>Not that the difference is that big (about 300M)... But I was
>thinking for later, uhhh..., experiments, where way bigger drives
>will be used.



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