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No your friend is wrong. There is no way that adding one account to a domain
will change how multiple machines work.
I'd guess the problem lies in a profile that got changed.  What you need to
do is set up Adobe with an account and then if you want multiple users to
use it copy the profile from the account you used to set up adobe to the
server and make it a mandatory profile (rename ntuser.dat to ntuser.man) Put
a pointer in the users profile setting in AD Users or User Manager(whichever
you use) and this will prevent anyone from changing the settings on the
desktop and the programs will run.

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Hi All

With a network of winXP machines if an extra admin level account is created
will it or will it not affect any existing admin level account?

What has happened where I work a new network was set up with user accounts
on all the machines and user and admin on the main box (both with no
password) a new admin account was created alongside the existing one (this
one has a password). It has since been discovered that Adobe PhotoShop no
longer works on any of the networked machines (no matter which admin
account is logged in).

My opinion is that the new account has no relevance, it's just a

One of my colleagues opinion is the new account has somehow changed the
original account and is responsible (if new accounts can alter existing
accounts, this would defeat the object of having separate log-ins would it
not?), he thinks it is because the new account has a password and the
original did not.

Anyway, does anybody have any opinions?



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