[windows2000] Re: Service Pack 4 problem

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 22:03:08 -0500


I assume you need IIS - if not, just remove it and the problem should go

I googled  "Setup Failed to remove ism.dll script mappings" and found a
bunch of stuff - why not try that?

Good luck,


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Hey all - 

        I'm having a serious problem installing Service Pack 4.  Here's what
I'm getting:  sp4iis - Unable to connect to metabase.  Setup Failed to
remove ism.dll script mappings.  Service Pack Setup will abort.  I've tried
different sources, safe mode, everything.  I'm distraught, and may have to
reimage my developer's laptop. :O

        Any help you can give me would be awesome.



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