[windows2000] Re: Secure content with IIS question

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 09:52:33 -0500

This is interesting.  Do you have any authentication methods enabled
other than IWA?  Is anonymous access enabled?  I'd think it can't be if
your normal users' credentials are being passed.
Ray at work

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        We have an Intranet that is secure to the degree that users have
to authenticate with their Windows 2000 Active Directory account
information. Users log into our Portal and then certain links are
protected by AD security.


        The problem people are having is when they try to use their
standard work laptop from off campus to access these links. If they are
logged into the laptop with a cached AD account, IE does not prompt them
to authenticate and thus does not show them the information. We have it
set that if they are on campus, it does not prompt them, but
automatically authenticates them. When they are off campus, they are not
authenticated to the domain, but IE seems to think they are!!


        Any help?


        Matt Fowler

        Manager of Technical Services

        Black Hawk College



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