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This is part of a kix script I use in a terminal server environment.  The W:
drive is mapped to the user's profile, and I remapped their start menu to
W:\ProgMenu.  You could use this as a starting place...

- Bob Coffman

If Not Exist ("W:\ProgMenu\*.*")
 MD W:\ProgMenu

DEL "W:\ProgMenu\*.*"

; Core apps (ie. all users have access to them)
; go here.

Copy "E:\Ted\Shortcuts\Windows Explorer.lnk" "W:\ProgMenu\"
Copy "E:\Ted\Shortcuts\Word 97.lnk" "W:\ProgMenu\"
Copy "E:\Ted\Shortcuts\Excel 97.lnk" "W:\ProgMenu\"
Copy "E:\Ted\Shortcuts\Microsoft Access.lnk" "W:\ProgMenu\"

; End Core Apps

 Copy "E:\Ted\Shortcuts\ALPCS-BCC.lnk" "W:\ProgMenu\"

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I don't script at all but would like to learn. Can someone give me a sample
of how they would do the following:
I'd like to script something that would add two shortcut paths to their
desktop via W2K terminal server when the user = a certain value or even
group for that matter. Would this be better performed in Kix or WSH?

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