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  • Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:37:57 -0500

Citrix doesn't know how to market their product.  That is my feeling anyway.  
All their top 10 reason to migrate to XP don't make me want to migrate, they 
sound like they are talking to some manager who doesn't know a thing about 
Citrix.  "Enterprise-Class Scalibility"  sounds like something you read in 
Dilbert.  Anyway I need a good computer guy reason to migrate to XP without any 
BS.  Something like, "Fixes those God forsaken printer issues you get over MF 
1.8 using wtsuprn.inf", "Removes the need of Citrix PN and replaces it with a 
PN Agent", "Three words: Universal Printer Driver".  Does anyone know where I 
can get some kind of top ten reasons to migrate to Citrix XP that spares me the 
normal marketing fluff?   I want to see the real reasons to migrate, which any 
reason to migrate should be to fix the broken crap.

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