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You could always check out the website on his signature if you're after some 
geographical clarification! ;-)

Bolivia I think!

I don't know a right lot about their economics/pay structures mind!

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That number is entirely dependant on other factors, that have nothing to do 
with the job description.  What I make in Michigan, would be fantastic money in 
Tennessee.  I would not be able to live on it in California.  I could live 
extremely comfortable on it in Mexico.

Other factors include benefits.  Does the person have to cover some of the 
costs of health insurance?  Is there a retirement plan?  How much paid vacation 
time do they have?

An IT Manager in the right part of California, who has all of their health 
insurance paid, a retirement plan that the company pays for and 5 weeks of 
vacation, would still be making more than an IT Manager in Mexico with no 
benefits and 2 weeks vacation.

I know that this is not much of an answer, but you did not give enough 
information for a complete answer.  It might help to give us at least the name 
of your country.


Jesus Loves You


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Every single IT person on my country asks me the same question:


How much money should earn an IT manager?


Can you give me some ideas?


Mauricio Fernández S.

IT Manager

FDTA - Valles

Tel. 591 4 4525160

Fax. 591 4 4115056





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