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Well, the problem isn't limiting _who_ can print, I can already do that, just _what_ they can print. We have alot of call center staff who it would be nice to be able to allow them to only print say ten specified documents. Right now we just don't allow them to print anything, too many liability issues.

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Svein Arild Haugum wrote:
Just a brainstorm-idea.

Make sure the user dont have access to relevant printers by using the
ACL on the printer.
Then use a script to start the app in wich he can print, in the script
start the application as another user (print_user etc)wich has access to
the printer by for excample the RUNAS command.

Svein Arild

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Never heard of one.  It would be easy to build a filter printer driver,
however, it would be even easier for the user to rename documents once
catch on.  I think Office 2003 has security features that control what
others may do -- geared towards editing and saving, but possibly

Tim Mangan

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Does anyone know how to restrict a user to only be able to print certain

documents? Everything I know of is just a basic yes/no on overall printing capability.

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