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> can you not just enable and use remote desktop on your clients.
> We use a combination of RD and VNC for remote assistance

If I use RDP the currently logged on user will be logged off. This is
not so good as I then won't see what the problem is that the user is
having. Also I could use RA to show the user how to do a particular

Logging in over RDP will also blank and lock the screen for the user,
which is not so good either.

RealVNC is good, but the one I have access to is the free one, with no
encryption. Public IPs on all computers and VNC is not a good combo,
even if you have portfilters etc on. 8-(

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>> Hi all!
>> I'm back from vacation and would now (while I'm still ready and
>> like to enable this remote assistance (RA) thingie in WinXP for
>> issues.
>> Problem is I've heard somewhere, that it's possible to setup RA to
>> the screen the user sees (and also take control of the mouse and kbd)
>> but w/o having to go through all that mail invitation stuff. I've
>> heard from a colleugue that the above settings can be set via
>> Now, I've gone through all the relevant (I think...) setting but
>> been able to set RA up so that no invitations are necessary.
>> Can you guys give me a hint or two, or pointers to how this is done.
>> it's at all possible.
>> Very many thanks in advance.
>> BW,

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