[windows2000] Re: RIS Image problem

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Is this a PXE compliant machine or are you using a boot disk?
RIS uses 2 different sets of drivers and methods of transferring files
when installing.  The first is something called  trivial file transfer
which is the first part and then after it copies enough files it uses
the actual card drivers.
It would help to know at what place it stops with that error.
1) boot from the remote floppy disk or the PXE compliant computer and
press F12 to start the download process.
2) At the welcome screen press enter.
3) Enter a user name and domain name and password that can enroll a
computer in you domain.
4) A computer account and Global Unique Identifier will be displayed and
press enter.
5) Windows 2000 setup starts.
6) May be prompted for a product key if you didn't enter it in a .sif
How far does it get?
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Are you using OEM drivers?  (KB246184)
Is BIOS up to date?  (KB247983)

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        Hello all,


        We are trying to get a RIS setup going for our XP and Windows
2000 machines.  We tried uploading an image of Windows XP SP1 and after
uploading it we were not able to bring it down to a machine.  We then
uploaded a Windows XP without any service packs and it came down without
a problem.  So we figured it's a problem with RIS and XP SP1.  We then
tried to upload Windows 2000 SP4 and bring it down.  It went up fine,
but when we try and bring it down, it boots into the setup and then
right after it tells you if you want to delete all information from the
drive and continue, a message appears stating that the network card
drivers that are installed for the image up on the server, are not the
same drivers for the machine that it is bringing it down to.  We checked
and they are the same network card and the same drivers.  Any reason why
this message would appear if they are the same?


        Thanks for your help in advance,


        Eddie @ Bridgecom 


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