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From: Eduardo Freitas [mailto:eduardofreitas@xxxxxxxxxxxx]

Who Said anything about paying??? Lol

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From: Costanzo, Ray [mailto:rcostanzo@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Hey now, Textpad is way too cool to not pay for it. They deserve the $27!
Ripping them off is as wrong as not paying for Winzip.

-----Original Message----- From: windows2000-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx who pays for winzip?

From: "Rick Fogarty" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
My users think the same thing. If you've ever created software for a living
- you wouldn't think that way.... (not you personally...)

<obligatory rant> 1) Don't top post 2) Do trim your messages 3) Do set your MUA to quote properly </obligatory rant>

Ensuring licensing compliance is part of your job, or if you're a home user, it's just a matter of being fair to the people who put in all the time and hard work. That said, it's important for distributors to fairly price their product, which many do not. When I used to use winzip I paid for it, now I use zipcentral instead (it's free), because file compression and decompression is a trivial function nowadays and shouldn't require expensive 3rd part software.

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