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5. Setting up the network printer Logon script in KIX it looks like 

if ingroup("Nameofgrouptheprinterisfor")
        ADDPRINTERCONNECTION ("\\ServereName\PrinterName")

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> Ok, you've asked for it! ;) :
> 1. Mapping shared folders

Logon Script (net use)

> 2. Setting up Proxy on IE

Logon Script .reg file

> 3. Setting up Outlook correctly based on his login name

Installing Office with MST file

> 4. Setting up some shortcuts on the desktop that file on one of the
>shared folders

Logon Script, or copying icons to "All Users"

> 5. Setting up the network printer

Not sure about this one, one of the tasks when installing applications
for me.

> 6. Setting up default screen saver and other minor things

Logon Script .reg file

> That's all I can remember for now...
> I would like to get that done the first time a user logon into a
> Does anyone use roaming profiles for most users??

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