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The core tests are are dictated, so there is not much choice there. The 
elective/design tests should be taken based on the product you are most 
familiar with or the product you want to learn about. 

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Thanks guys,


Here comes another question... What guys can you recommend for any of the 
necessary tests?


Eduardo Herrmann de Freitas

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Yes you can. but you gotta be pretty desciplined in your study schedule to do 
it yourself. For me when I was doing my MCSE staying motivated and not being 
lazy about study time was a major challenge. 

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Hi guys! 

For all you MCSE certified folks... 
I was wondering if you guys just took the test or you took some kind of 
course to get the MCSE cert. Basically, what I am asking is... How hard is 
it? Can you get 10 books, read them and pass or is that nearly impossible? 

Eduardo Herrmann de Freitas 


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