[windows2000] RDP printers not tunnelling from W2K with new domain.

  • From: Jon Spriggs <jon.spriggs@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 19:50:41 +0100

Hi all,

I'm responsible for a network where we support a couple of clients.
Each of these clients has a distinct network space which is visible to
a DMZ (the DMZ is not accessible to the Internet - only these
clients). In this DMZ we have a windows 2000 server running Terminal
Services in application mode. Each of the support staff connect to
this terminal server from a Windows 2000 workstation.

From that Terminal Server, the support staff enter a "server list"
which is essentially just a list of shortcuts to terminal servers on
the client's domains.

The firewall is configured to only allow RDP traffic from the central
terminal server (in the DMZ) to the client machines, and from the
workstations to the central terminal server.

With the original client, we simply specified that a printer should be
pushed through from workstation (via a .rdp file) to the DMZ server,
and the shortcut (to another .rdp file) specified the printer should
be attached.

This was all going OK, until we added the second client. The servers
are configured to allow the creation of printers on the server, it's
configured to allow the printers to be connected through, and it's got
all the drivers it needs on there.

And yet... we don't have any printers on definately 2 of the client
domains, but definately do on 1 of them. Are there any error messages
I should be looking for? Anywhere I can go to get some more clues on
what's wrong, and most importantly... can someone tell me how to fix
it? :)

Thanks for all your help,

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