[windows2000] Provision Networks Unveils Project TITAN at VMworld2005

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Provision Networks Unveils Project TITAN at VMworld2005 
October 20, 2005 ? Las Vegas, Nevada. Provision Networks, the global provider 
of virtualized access infrastructure solutions for the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) 
Windows Terminal Server platform, unveiled this week at VMworld 2005 an early 
release of Project Titan, its much anticipated framework for provisioning 
Windows XP desktops and published applications using Microsoft's Remote Desktop 

Project Titan is the codename for Provision Networks? upcoming technology which 
is designed to transform corporate Windows XP desktop computers into 
single-user "terminal servers" by leveraging Provision Networks' core PMF 
components, including application publishing, seamless windows, session 
sharing, universal printing, USB-based device support, hybrid user profile 
management, desktop management, access control, Web interface, and SSL gateway. 

Project Titan delivers the full-featured Windows XP experience to enterprise 
mobile users and is touted as an enterprise alternative to subscription-based 
remote desktop access solutions. In conjunction with Project Titan, the 
company's flagship Provision Management Framework, Enterprise Edition, will 
provide unified access to applications hosted on both Windows Terminal Servers 
and Windows XP desktop computers using Microsoft's RDP protocol and a common 
set of core technologies developed by Provision Networks.

Provision Networks also demonstrated a version of Project Titan whereby the 
VMware ESX Server platform is leveraged for hosting and managing virtual 
Windows XP workstations for the purpose of delivering the same core features 
mentioned above. 

Project Titan works as follows: using the Provision-IT AppPortal client or the 
Internet Explorer web browser, users gain secure, authenticated access to their 
corporate applications running on their office computers or virtual Windows XP 
guest machines hosted on VMware ESX servers. Depending on their individual 
preferences, users are able to receive either a full desktop experience or 
individual applications displayed seamlessly on their local workstations. 
Slated for final release in the first quarter of 2006, Provision Networks will 
also be simultaneously releasing a Java-based implementation of the Terminal 
Services client.

When released in early 2006, Project Titan will be available as an integrated 
module within the Provision Management Framework, Enterprise Edition or as a 
standalone secure desktop access solution enabling employees to instantly and 
securely ?remote into? their XP desktops and use their corporate email, other 
applications, intranet, local and network files and all other corporate 

About Provision Networks

Provision Networks is a global provider of virtualized access infrastructure 
provisioning, management, optimization and security. Provision Networks 
solutions embrace and extend the Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Services 
platform, delivering resilient and scalable on-demand access for enterprises 

The Provision Management Framework (PMF), Enterprise Edition is a full-featured 
access infrastructure solution that leverages the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 
platform, and delivers anywhere, anytime access to applications and network 
resources. Enterprise features such as Seamless Windows, Application 
Publishing, Load Balancing, Access Control, a Web Portal and an SSL Gateway 
embrace the RDP protocol and enhance the deployment, manageability, 
performance, and security of Terminal Services environments of all sizes.

With a world-class client list, comprised of some of the world?s largest 
commercial enterprises, and government organizations, Provision Networks is the 
most trusted name in access infrastructure management, security, and 

To learn more about Provision Networks and our enterprise access solutions, 
please visit us at www.ProvisionNetworks.com.

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