[windows2000] Printer setup not keeping settings in TS session

  • From: Scott Wilding <ssw-mailinglist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:37:00 GMT

I have used terminal services in an NT4 environment for quite a while,
but this year started a whole new Windows 2000 network and am starting
to move my staff over to it.

I have noticed a have a small printer set up issue, and would appreciate
any advice people may have.

The Windows 2000 'Domain Controller' runs Active Directory (along with
DNS, Wins, shared network printers etc etc), with my applications
delivered by Windows 2000 member terminal servers.

When login to the terminal servers and setup a printer as one of my
normal terminal server users, (using Add Printer, and pointing to the
printer that is set up and shared on the DC) I frequently find that when
I set things like paper size (e.g.  A4, instead of the default of Letter)
this setting is *not* kept.

i.e. I set it and select Apply or Ok, then exit the window, then go back
into the window and check it, and the setting has not stayed set to A4.

I have tried numerous ways of setting it, including in the Properties, Printing
Preferences and also Device Settings of the printer on the Domain
Controller, followed by setting it again for the individual user after I
have logged into the terminal server and added the printer.

1) Does anyone have any pointers on where I can look for the cause?

2)  I have been through the Event Viewer, and I can see I haven't quite
got DNS set up properly because there are errors there about that.  

Should I solve those DNS problems first, or is there another place I can
look for clues about my printer woes?!

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks in advance,

Scott Wilding <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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