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  • Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 17:05:58 -0400


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> BTW we have a Win2k box up and running for over a year that 
> just hasn't
> been setup.  We have about 4 people that use voice banking 
> and it isn't
> a priority for my boss or his boss to work on it.  So it sits there, I
> don't even back it up each night :)  I don't understand why people use
> telephone banking instead of internet banking, especially 
> when its free
> for our customers.

4 people?  Like, 4 customers?  Hmmm...  I use telephone banking every now
and then.  I don't have any internet-enabled cellphones or any nonsense like
that, so the telephone banking still comes in handy if I have to transfer
money while I'm away from a computer or something.  Also, afaik, Netteller
doesn't support any PDA based Web Banking...  They probably wouldn't know
what I'm talking about anyway.  Jack Henry should not write Windows or
Web-based applications.

Ray at work

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