[windows2000] Re: OT: (sort of) Adding NT4.0WS to 2000 domain

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I'm not disagreeing.  I just wanted to be proud out loud.  ;]

There are some good uses for WINS.

1.  We use WINS for our intranet resolution instead of DNS.  Why?
Because if people go to ourintranet.ourdomain.com, IE puts them in the
INTERNET zone.  We have security settings set a specific way in the
intranet and the Internet zones, and if they wind up at our intranet
without the right settings, some things won't work the way we want them
to, like "click here for your automatic Client Access update" which will
create a "WS" file on the client.

2.  Um, I forget.

Ray at home

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> Actually, Ray I should be more precise with my words.  I am 
> saying WINS, but what I really mean is netBIOS name 
> resolution.  On a flat network, with no legacy RAS servers 
> you don't need a WINS server.  But, you will still need some 
> form of netBIOS name resolution that DNS cannot provide.  I 
> believe the earlier email that someone sent was trying to say this.

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