[windows2000] Re: OT: diskreplacements for HP Netserver LH3000r

  • From: "Sorin Srbu" <sorin.srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <windows2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:02:25 +0200

windows2000-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <> scribbled on Tuesday, October 11,
2005 3:27 PM:

Thx for checking things out for me! 8-)

I just picked one of the cages apart, took out the drive and measured
it. Judging it by eyesight alone, the drive seems to be as big as a
standard ide harddrive, lenght-, width- and heightwise.

Measuring the dimensions (edge to edge) gave 10,1cm x 14,7cm x 2,5cm. In
inches that'd be (assuming 1 inch is 2,54 cm) 3,98" x 5,79" x 0,98".

What is half-and full height really? I've seen some older seagates we
have in another server which are rather "thicker" (higher?), but the
same size otherwise. Those're about double the height as the netserver
drives are. Assuming the older drives I mention are full-height, then
the netserver drives most propably are half-height. But then the heights
you mention don't match, 0,98" from my measuring and you mention 1,6"??.

The cage itself though, is 3,3cm high, approx 1,3", in order to fit the

This is getting confusing...

> Sorin,
> I've done a little searching and found what I think to be the only
> factor in switching to a different manufacturer, and that is the drive
> Apparently, the D9420A drives are "Half-Height" drives. Other than
that they
> are standard 10K RPM Ultra3 SCSI drives. According to one of the sites
> found, the drive size is 1.6 inches, which is smaller than the
smallest ones
> Seagate makes which are 2.5 inches. If these drives really are that
> you may be limited to replacing it with the same sized drive.
> form factor looks to be the only thing stopping you. Can you confirm
> the "Half-Height" statement is true or not?
> Nathan Grandbois
> Cerdant, Inc.
> 614.717.0123 ext. 26
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>> Hi,
>> I can't seem to get an unbiased answer from anywhere else (...), so
>> goes:
>> I need to replace the 18GB-disks in our HP Netserver LH3000r to
>> something bigger, namely 73GB disks. Nobody however seems to be able
>> hint or point me to other brands than HP original which costs
>> an arm and
>> a leg too... The specific model is D9420A. I've seen some on ebay-usa
>> for some 400 USD apiece. However I'd prefer a dealer somewhat closer,
>> that is at least in europe and not overseas.
>> There must be some non-hp replacement brands too, shouldn't there??
>> Can I for instance get maybe seagate drives and install in those
>> plastic-metal hotswap baythingies?
>> Any feedback is appreciated.

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