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  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 16:48:33 -0800



Anyone on this list have any experience with AIMS software,
http://www.aimshotline.com/Sales.htm?  One of our clients is looking to
migrate to this, but I'm getting a very uncomfortable feeling regarding
their support policies.  One of the issues is regarding AV suites - our
client currently has the Trend Micro SMB suite installed on their
systems but these guys are trying to push CA's e-Trust on us instead,
effectively stating that if there's a problem they decide is related to
the AV, and we aren't running e-Trust, then their recommended 'solution'
is going to be 'disable the AV or buy e-Trust'.  This will be their
policy even if I configure the appropriate exclusions in the Trend Micro
suite.  I just got off the phone with their 'top tech guy' (who
apparently works for a different company), and he kept harping on about
Norton & Symantec products and how bad they are, and when I informed him
that we're running Trend Micro his response was 'I've never heard of
them'.  He also persisted in referring to all non-eTrust products as
'3rd party', which, by definition, should include all non-AIMS products
unless they have developed their own AV product.  


They keep referring to the fact that they have between 1500 and 3000
(depending on who you speak to) systems deployed, but I can find
absolutely no comments or reviews from system/network admins, or even
users, regarding this product.  I figure that if they actually have that
many corporate deployments, there should be at least one member on this
list who's dealt with these people.  At least, I'm hoping there is.
Please feel free to contact me off list as this doesn't directly pertain
to Win2K issues.



Amer Karim

Nautilis Information Systems


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