[windows2000] Re: OT - Virtualization

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 11:39:03 +0100

So you're running non mission critical servers, I like the idea of
virtual servers but most of ours have mission critical apps on. I like
the idea for lab machines though! 


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The physical servers have lots of built-in redundancy and I wouldn't
class any of thevirtual servers as enterprise-critical. In the event of
a physical failure I can copy the important ones back from tape (each
server is only a handful of files) to another server (I have a
lower-spec server for development) and bring them back within a few

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        What happens though if a server fails? Haven't you put all your
eggs in a few baskets?


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        I've got a couple of beefy Quad-Xeon, 12GB RAM machines running
about 30 servers in total.
        The main benefits are I can provision low-use servers without
wasting hardware and I can provision them quickly, typically less than
10 minutes from deciding it's needed to having it available on the
domain for use. They are also easy to backup and move to another host in
the event of a hardware failure, although I've yet to have one.
        Running VMWare GSX 3.

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                Subject: [windows2000] OT - Virtualization

                Just curious...


                How many of you are now using either server
virtualization or storage virtualization (or both)?


                If you are using it, what benefits have you seen?


                If not, do you plan to use it anytime soon?


                Again, just curious.






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