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I checked the things running in the background, and they are quite similar.
Only thing that runs on the Evo that's not the stationary is the touchpad
applet, and some kbd-applet on the stationary. Other than that most, if not
all, is identical, including the same AV-software.

AFAICT, I am comparing to apples to apples. 8-]

A colleaugue of mine mentioned that the Intel P4-M series CPUs might not be
very good at multi-tasking, and this may be reason for the performance gap.
Any truth here, you think?

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Yes CPU speed makes a huge difference with VM's.  And for whatever reason
depending on the version of EVO we have found that some of them run a lot
slower then they are supposed to for whatever reason.  You are also not
taking into consideration what else is running on these systems that may
take up memory/cpu etc.  For example are you using different Antivirus
programs or the same on each one.
Check your memory/cpu usage prior to run the VM's and make sure you are
comparing apples to apples.

Sorin Srbu < wrote:
  Hi all,

  I cloned a virtual machine (win2k3 sp2) image and ran one on my portable
  and one on my stationary box.

  Why would the stationary computer run the virtual machine so much
  faster? It's actually no difference running a real win2k3 server on real
  hardware than this virtual machine...

  Both virtual machines run with the same ram setup (384MB), and so on.

  Portable: Compaq Evo N800c (Intel P4-M/1,8GHz, 1GB RAM, 7k rpm Hitachi

  Stationary: OEM (Amd Athlon XP/3000+ (approx 2,2GHz), 1GB RAM, 7k
  Seagate HD).

  The stationary does have a faster cpu, about 400MHz more, but should
  this really make a difference?? Or is it a RAM performance issue? Or
  something else?



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