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  • From: Chris Buechler <win2000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 17:24:03 -0500

Sorin Srbu wrote:

I think I'll have too. But still, being able to run VPC on the laptop

would be so practical...

I used to have a Dell P4 1.8 laptop, 1 GB RAM, 4200 RPM 40 GB drive, and ran single simultaneous VM's on it with VMware Workstation without any issues at all. Never tried VPC on it.

Portable is indeed nice, but I'd never take portable in lieu of real power when I need it.

Sounds good, although I'll have a hard time convincing my boss to pay
for a dual-xeon...

here's a little tip - watch ebay. I found my brand new HP dual 3.4 workstation all decked out, list price direct from HP more than $3500, for $1600 on ebay. I can't say I've ever been impressed with any HP machines in the past, but I'd never worked with any "real" ones (just the cruddy home Celeron models), so for that price we took a chance and snapped it up. It's been a killer, rock solid machine. That's not much more money than any run of the mill PC. If you're constrained on who you can buy from, you might be stuck though... You'll have to watch for a while, maybe 1-3 months, to find the best deals. Saved searches that email you new results are your friend.

So RAM and dedicated HD-space then.

With 2GB of total RAM available, how much do you give each virtual
machine? I've seen a significant performance increase on the VMs if I
give them 384MB, or better yet a full 512MB, but then the host is rather
"punished". The VMs run either WinXP SP2 or Win2k3 SP1.


I like to give XP and 2003 at least 256 MB, if not 384 or 512. Physical or virtual machine, 2003 and XP perform much better with 384 or 512, and is pretty ugly at anything less than 256.

I run other OS's (FreeBSD mostly, no GUI) just as much as Windows that can get by with a whole lot less RAM (32 or 64 MB many times, depending on what they're doing).

And if you don't plan on running 4-5+ simultaneous VM's as I do almost constantly, you don't need the kind of hog box I've described.

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