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This works if you know the port infoThe installation wizard will need to
have the Windows 95 Installation
CD-ROM or diskettes available if the drivers are not already installed.

1.  Select Settings then Printers from the Start menu or double click on
    My Computer and then Printers

2.  Double click on Add Printer

3.  Select Next on the Add Printer

4.  Select Local Printer and click Next

5.  Select Digital in the Manufacturer list box, and Digital DECLaser
    5100/Net in the Printer list box

6.  Select Next and insert Windows 95 Installation CD-ROM or diskette

7.  In the Add Printer menu, select Add Port

8.  In the Add Port - Digital Network Port menu, select Digital
    RapidPrint Server (via TCP/IP)
.  Enter the Print server's IP address in the Port information box

10. Associate the port with a name You can remember

11. Select Options. Select Others and enter the port number

12. Select OK twice

13. In the Add Printer menu, verify that the port is now available and

14. Select Next and give the printer a name such as HP500

15. Select Next, no Test print and then Finish

16. Select the new installed printer icon (i.e. HP500) in the Printers

17. Select Properties from the Printer menu

18. Select Details option from the Property menu and click New Driver

19. Choose Yes in the Printers warning box

20. Select the correct driver for your printer in the Select Device menu
    and complete install your printer

To verify printer operation, select Print Test Page from the
Printer/Properties and General menus.

If you don't have the correct driver on your CD or floppies you can get
it from


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Firstly sorry for the OT but I am hoping you can help.

I am in one of our remote offices, all the PC's are Windows 98. =20

We have a HP Deskjet cp1700 with a Jetdirect box connected.

The PC's connect to it either using HP Jetdirect TCP/IP Port, or =
Standard TCP/IP Port.

If anyone printers to it with HP Jetdirect TCP/IP Port they get a =
Windows Error and the spooler crashes.  All users using Standard TCP/IP =
Port setup work fine.

I want to set up everyone with Standard TCP/IP Port but can't seen to =
find out how to install the port on the machine.  I have searched HP, =
Microsoft, Google and Ask but have not found anything useful.

How do I install Standard TCP/IP Port on a Windows 98 PC ?

Thanks for any help.


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