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I think you needed to do it for fear of losing your job but if your manager
had any backbone, he would have said no this ain't happening

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> Thank you everyone for listening and for your replies. Some of the stories
> you guys had really made my day. I ended up fixing the pc which I knew I
> was going to have to do anyway. Turns out it had 8 Trojan horses, 1 virus
> and about 20 hidden apps running in the background that were related to
> the Trojans.  
> Thanks again,
> Paul.
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> Subject: [windows2000] OT - Question about supporting Personal PC's
> Hello, sorry this is way off topic but I need to vent before I get myself
> fired by beating someone with a keyboard,
> I was wondering what others are doing or would do with situations similar
> to this:
> I work for a credit union. We have Board members who are given "perks"
> each year (laptops, desktops, cell phones, etc.). When something goes
> wrong with one of these devices (usually do to user's negligence) they
> expect our IT department to fix them. Our upper management is too busy
> brown nosing the board so they expect us to fix these problems as well. 
> Last Friday I was told by the VP of my department that on Monday
> (yesterday) I would have to go to one of our branch locations to meet with
> one of the board members because he cannot dial up to AOL on a desktop PC
> that we gave him a year and a half ago and he was also having other
> problems. I had to bite my tongue while my VP told me this. As soon as he
> left I went to my manager told him that this was a load of horse crap and
> he agreed with me. (By the way I am the only network admin here and I have
> 12 laptops, 4 desktops and a new server to set up). I made the suggestion
> of having the board member overnight the PC to us or having someone in our
> branch send it for him so he doesn't have to get his hands dirty. This
> would have been more cost efficient as well.  Well, my VP who I guess
> knows more then me said no. Go figure. Anyway I go and get the PC and
> bring it back to my office. 
> Today I am told that the PC needs to be returned by Thursday the latest.
> (Oh by the way I cannot fed ex it back to him as per my VP). My manager
> tells me to work on that PC only, forget everything else and just do that.
> He doesn't agree with what is going on as well. So I boot the PC up and of
> course every program you can think of is installed on it, except for the
> anti- virus program which I know at one point was on the machine because I
> installed it myself. I can also tell that his teenage daughter uses the pc
> for things that teens do these days. I run a virus scan and guess what the
> PC is infected with 4 Trojan horses. Also windows update hasn't been done
> in the longest of time. 
> Basically I am trying to find out if this is something that I should have
> to do for the fear of losing my job or do I have any recourse in
> situations like these. I think this is totally ridiculous that we can give
> someone a "perk" and he can abuse it and expect us to fix it.
> Thanks for listening,
> Paul.

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