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> From:  Jeff Malczewski
> 2003 doesn't have IM built in anymore (from what I understand -- I
> haven't installed it yet), just 2000...

Are you kidding me?  That's nuts.  When I first learned of the IM server
feature in 2000, I thought that was pretty damn cool.  They'd be nuts to
remove that in 2003.

> But in any event, there's always like Yahoo Messenger or AIM or ICQ or
> any number of other free chat services..

Yeah, I actually use MSN Messenger and ICQ (via Trillian) to communicate
with some people.  It'd just seem a bit silly to send a message over the
Internet to someone whose computer is plugged in to the port next to mine on
a switch.

> Must be nice to have a computer-literate better half.  Mine doesn't
> have the slightest clue what I do all day long..  She thinks I sit in
> my office and send email all day...     Hrmm....    LOL!!

Mostly, it is nice.  The only downfall is that since she's an active
computer user, she comes across many things that require my tech support.
She's more of a power-user-of-software, but not with any interest in knowing
about OSes or anything.  So, I'm the home helpdesk, but at least I'm dealing
with a user who "gets it."

Ray at work

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