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  • Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 14:30:08 -0400


We've run out of indian summer, I guess. Time to winterize the wardrobe, 
car, kids, and the cat.

The username and passwords are both fine. This problem seem more like 
something in Outlook or networking has been corrupted since I can duplicate 
the error while logged in as another user on the laptop. Actually, this 
isn't Outlook specific as I've set-up Outlook Express (ick!) and get the 
same error. Networking? But why only specific accounts? What would be common 
to Outlook and OE?

I'm between a rock and a hard place with this. The user is working at the 
office for now and has access to a pc with his accounts set-up on it, but 
eventually he'll need to hit the road and his laptop will have to go with 
him. I would like to identify the cause of this problem, but don't have a 
lot of time (isn't this always the case?).

(My current and possibly future congressman is in federal prison.)

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>A rainy day in C Town it is.  Under  tools, services, Internet email,
>properties, choose the acount choose properties and the server tab. Check
>the box for outgoing mail and choose settings and set the username and
>password for the system he is trying to connect to.
>Jim Kenzig
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>I have a user with a problem I've never seen before. Here's the scenario:
>User has a Toshiba laptop running Windows 2000/Outlook 2000.
>Connected to the internet via LAN/DSL and dial-up on the road.
>Has different ISPs for DSL and dial-up.
>User has 5 email accounts and two use the same incoming and outgoing mail
>As of a few days ago, he times out when trying to get mail from these two
>accounts. The other three work fine. Outlook gives an error number:
>0x800ccc19. I searched MS knowledge base and found one article: Q296925,
>"OL2000: Cannot Connect to Internet Mail Server Through Dial-up Connection
>When Using Proxy Client." Unfortunately, this doesn't describe this 
>So far I've done the following: deleted the Outlook accounts in question 
>added them back, renamed the .pst file and created a new .pst, ran the 
>repair tool, deleted and installed Outlook, and configured my local 
>account with his email account info. The only thing that worked (and only
>once!) was when I configured my account with his info. I started to d/l his
>mail (93 messages) and stopped the process. After that, I got the same
>I'm going to try a different NIC on the ISP's advice. I'm not too hopeful 
>the user indicates that he has the same problem with his dialup account.
>Is it possible that his networking protocols got screwed-up in Windows 
>Suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder in N.E. Ohio (and the season has
>just begun).
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