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OK here goes...Jim the Library guy to the rescue!

Here is where we send the old librarians to learn how to use a mouse:

The best thing you can do is create an intranet page with training tips on it for the different applications you have.

This is the answer to I have a .dwg .hex etc. etc. file, what program do I use to open that?

Check this site out...tons of Free training stuff

And just for the hell of it check ou the Peeps

This should get you started.

Toby Bierly wrote:

I just recently started doing the same thing at my company, a medium sized
business where I am the IT department.  Some of these people don't know how
to copy and paste, or sum up a column in Excel, so so far I've done basic
stuff tailored for our setup. But I would love to save myself some time by
mixing in useful tips from elsewhere.

So I second the motion.  If anyone knows of a site like this, cough it up.


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Subject: [windows2000] OT: End User Education

I am trying to release a weekly notice to my end user's about some computer issue, whether it be training, security, or whatever.

Last week's issue was "Recognizing a Phishing Attempt"

But, I will admit, I am lazy...

Anyone know any sites that have "user" level articles like this?  I will
of course check copyright issues, and provide biblio information at the
bottom if necessary, but I'm just looking for ideas/guidelines/outlines.

Thanks in advance,

Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
David Clark Company Inc.

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