[windows2000] Re: OT: Corporate PC Preferences?

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 11:50:12 +0200

For desktops we usually use a local OEM-brand. These are standard
"PC-Comaptible" clones built from generally available standard-parts - it's
easier to keep spare-parts doing this. After my first, and only, incident with
a Dell-PSU (must use [expensive] Dell-branded PSU in a Dell although the
format is same as standard, as standard-PSUs don't work with Dells. I think
Dell-PSUs are differentely wired in the mobo-connector or something), I don't
approve brandname-desktops anymore at our department.
For portables we stick with HP/Compaq. It's easier with the module bay
accesories that way, as those are usually interchangable between models a few
years apart. HP/Compaq is a wee bit more expensive, but they also seem to hold
together better.


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Just curious as to what people buy for corporate desktop PCs. We have been a
Dell shop for a few years, but their handling of the bulging capacitors issue
as well as the pain of dealing with their tech support over the phone when we
RMA stuff (I have to play "guess who we bought the PCs from") has annoyed me
enough to look at other options. The only other big players that I can think
of are HP/Compaq and IBM - anyone using their newest stuff that'd care to
report on them? Reliability, price and enterprise management are my main


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