[windows2000] Re: OT: Corporate PC Preferences?

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  • Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2006 01:07:13 -0400

Here's my opinion from a non-end-user perspective:

I've had horrible experiences with Dell support, but not Dell hardware.
I've had horrible experiences with Compaq hardware, but not Compaq

One company that I worked for deployed a couple hundred Compaq Evo's,
and had been a long time Compaq shop. The "Evo experience" had an effect
such that the next deployment was a few hundred OptiPlex GX260s. The
OptiPlex's were far more reliable as far as hardware goes than the Evo's
were, but Compaq support was *much* more responsive and easier to work
with than Dell support. IMHO, it's a wash between those two. I've about
"had it" with Dell's support, even their silver/gold queue.

As for IBM, I haven't personally managed any non-trivial quantity of
their desktops or laptops, but I've contracted for a few companies that
did, and from what I've gathered, they are very reliable, and are, of
course, excellently managed and supported. Price, however, is the
largest source of debate in buying IBM (at least from what I've heard
from those that have used them).


On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 23:41:08 -0400, "Costanzo, Ray"
<RCostanzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:
> I've always only been an end-user, not a purchase-decision-maker, but
> here are my opinions.
> I loved the Compaq Evo line.  The computers were small enough to fit
> anywhere, completely problem-free, and stacked quite nicely.  HP carried
> the line, I believe, but when they did, they started using their own
> stupid proprietary things, like non-ATAPI optical drives and what-not.
> Where I work now, we have these ridiculously sized Dell Optiplexes.
> They were designed by idiots.  They have these flap doors on the front,
> that everyone winds up ripping off.  The front USB ports are angled down
> toward the floor, which is the most illogical thing that I've ever seen.
> They come apart rather easily, but they're just too damn bulky to work
> on with limited desk-space.  I have three of them at my desk at work,
> and I barely have room to put my feet anywhere anymore.
> Ray at home
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>       Just curious as to what people buy for corporate desktop PCs. We
> have been a Dell shop for a few years, but their handling of the bulging
> capacitors issue as well as the pain of dealing with their tech support
> over the phone when we RMA stuff (I have to play "guess who we bought
> the PCs from") has annoyed me enough to look at other options. The only
> other big players that I can think of are HP/Compaq and IBM - anyone
> using their newest stuff that'd care to report on them? Reliability,
> price and enterprise management are my main concerns. 
>       thanks.

Andrew Michael Stemen

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