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Wireshark is very good for a free tool


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Network Monitor, it's available here:


Most of the ethereal developers left ethereal and "forked" the project,
but ethereal is no longer under active development.

Details here: http://www.wireshark.org/faq.html#q1.2 

Basically, get Wireshark, it's the updated version of ethereal. A
company I do work for has WinPcap in their standard build, and they test
everything extensively, so I wouldn't be too worried about it;
especially in an SBS situation. If you are that worried get Network
Monitor, it's supported by Microsoft in case you have any major
problems. My personal preference would be Wireshark as it seems to have
more protocol decodes, if all you are after is to see top talkers
though, either will do the trick. 


On 01/11/2007, Timothy R. Mangan <tmangan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Wireshark is the new ethereal.  I guess they had a naming
conflict with somebody.  It's free and has a good set of filters.


        Also Microsoft has a free tool, I think called "Microsoft


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        I'd use ethereal, but not on the actual server.


        I'd load it on a laptop, and then plug a hub between the
Ethernet jack and the server, and add the laptop to that hub.  Fire up
ethereal, and let it start capturing packets.  It will give you a nice
picture of what protocols are being used first, and then can analyze
based on source, destination, etc...


        Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I MCDBA
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        I have a client who is running an SBS server that's public and
private nics are pegged at 100% (using perfmom).  Does anyone know of a
free (or one that offers a demo) utility that I can use relatively fast
to see what /or who is generating all this traffic?  Thanks





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