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  • Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 15:46:28 -0400

Hi, All

I have two worstations, one Win2KPro and the other NT4.0.

I have both on a network with seperate IP addresses, etc.

I have both in a workgroup.

I have both with:
   Client for Microsoft Networks
   File and Printer sharing for Microsoft 

I have shared the appropriate files and folders.

I have entered the workgroup in the Users and Groups under Administration Tools 
with appropriate permissions.

Both have unique computer names and both the same workgroup, etc.

I still can not see the other computer (from either end) in Network 
Neighborhood. I have tried to map to the other computer (from either end) with 
no luck. I even set the passwords the same on both machines, just in case...

Q: Did I miss something?
Q: I didn't install NetBIOS or NetBEUI, should I install NetBIOS? should I 
install NetBEUI (I know this works well in workgroup but thought it caused 
network access problems to internet, etc.)?

Your kind assistance is greatly appreciated!

Charles E. James, Programmer/Analyst 
U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley California
Dragon's Gate Taoism

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