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Do you get an error?  Was the user using EFS to encrypt his files?

Ray at home

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Greetings all... 
This may well be a naïve, beginners type question? but please bear with
me.. ;-) 
Time for a new hard drive, and a nice, new install of Win XP pro
Works great, fully patched, etc. 
Users set up exactly as per old system (user names, passwords, etc) 
Old hard drive (with old XP install) dropped back in (as non-boot drive)
to allow gradual pulling over of odd bits of data onto new drive.
However, when I attempt to browse folders under my old profile on the
old drive, XP refuses access. 
I'm logged in as an administrator, with the same username and password
as I was on the old install. 
So why won't XP let me share and access those folders? 
Any help, solutions gratefully received! 

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