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  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 09:00:11 -0500

I love you.  Is this persistent, do you know?  Reckon I could reboot since
I?ve been getting paid to watch a screensaver on a loaner laptop while
waiting for mine to come in.


I love you too, Berry.  J


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Sounds like the old SUBST command is your friend in this instance.


Try, from a  command-prompt




SUBST by itself to see the syntax.

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Subject: [windows2000] Mount directory as drive

Hi list,


I?m getting a new computer at work and it will have just a C drive and
nothing else ? no partitions.  Personally, I dislike keeping my files on the
OS drive for a number of reasons, but I will have no choice.  I?m just
starting a new job and don?t want to risk installing partition magic to
partition the drive and reserve the contents or anything like that, and the
computer is a laptop, so I can?t easily swap it into another computer to
image it or anything.  So, I will need to work off the C drive.  Is there a
way to map a path, C:\Ray to a drive letter, D:\ without going through the
loopback network adapter?  It?s not a big deal if I have to wind up just
mapping a drive to a share, but if there?s some different way that I haven?t
heard about before, I?d like to try it.


This computer will be running Windows XP Pro SP2.  This is not a Windows
2000 computer, so perhaps y?all should tell me to go fly a kite and get off
the W2K list with this question!



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