[windows2000] Re: Mixed Win2K and NT problems

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  • Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 14:31:19 -0700

From: "Saurer, John B." <JBSaurer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
All: I have added a Win2K server to my NT 4.0 SP6 domain and had
network neighborhood problems ever since. All the computers on the network
are not showing up in Network Neighborhood. I can do a 'Find Computer' and
enter the machine name and it pops right up. I can ' net use' and map a
drive with no problem. This is not a big issue for most users because they
do not have 'Entire Network' but for a few developers and myself this is a
pain. I have tried different settings on the new server to prevent it from
becoming the master browser to no effect. Anyone have any ideas why this may
be happening?

I'm not an NT guru, but I think this is caused by the fact that win2k assigns the master browser a higher "os level" (this is an actual setting) You should be able to change this registry setting to make sure the win2k box won't join the election:

Change this key:



NOTE: I haven't actually tried this, I just remembered some stuff from samba and looked up the rest on the internet so use with caution.

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