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We use Kix in our environment.  We put users into groups using Active
Directory.  Then we have a Kix script in the NETLOGON directory.  The
syntax for mapping drives that we use is posted below.  If there are
spaces in the path name, use the second IF statement.
if ingroup("Dearborn Users")
        use p:  \\Nameofserver\departments

if ingroup("Dearborn Users")
        use p:  "\\Name of Server\departments"

Hope this helps
Jesus Loves You

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Hi there list,

Okay, so we have some Novell administrator type people where I work.
Finally after years of preaching to them about how much Novell sucks
(opinion), we're doing away with it.  Novell has something built into it
mapping drives that is like the ifmember Resource Kit utility.  So, one
these Novell guys just asked me how the same thing is done in a 2000

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