[windows2000] Re: Machines running slow.

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 15:36:11 -0400

With TaskManager you can look at a snapshot of memory used on the
performance tab.  Windows will always keep some free "Available" memory on
hand - so if you are using more than, say, 450MB out of the 512 you may be


To look at the paging activity, you want to use the performance monitor
(control panel->Administrator tools).





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I know that this is going to be a silly question, but how can I check to see
how much paging is going on? Should I use the CPU monitor on the task
manager? Two of the machines don't have Autocad and only run Voloview to
view/print drawings. What do you think should be the minimum amount of Ram
for those running AutoCAD?


Thanks for the reply.





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I would look at the memory usage.  AutoCAD can eat up a lot of memory.  If
memory is tight, there should be a fair amount of paging going on.


Tim Mangan



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This may not be an appropriate question for a Windows 2000 group, but here
it goes.


We have 4 machines in one of our departments in our Seattle store that are
experiencing computer slowdowns. At first I thought that it was network
issue replacing an older hub with a switch. Then they told me that all of
their applications including those local to their machine(like Word and
Excel) are slow. I then went up to the store and looked for viruses and
spyware cr@p, but nothing out of the ordinary. No rogue processes or other
various issues. All the machines are different with 1 being a Dell and 3
being custom built at different times. The only thing that I can see that is
common to all of the machines is MSN Instant messaging, XP Pro, Office XP or
2003 and Autodesk Software. They each have 256 - 512 MB of Ram and connect
to a Windows 2000 server for other various corporate applications. 


Any ideas would greatly be appreciated. 


Daryl S. Ehrenheim

Network Administrator - Bargreen Ellingson

(253) 471-3775


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