[windows2000] MS05-031 Not digitally signed???

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Any one know why this Update MS05-031 is not digitally signed and where to
get a digitally signed version?
Causes my batch file to required an interaction 'yes' to the warning dialog.
Thank you,

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Norton on the email server deleted the file with the following message:

Your attachment "Printers.zip" contained viruses:
It was deleted and replaced with this text file.

You might want to rename the scripts to .txt files and insert a readme
explaining that they need to rename the files back to whatever.

Daryl S. Ehrenheim
Bargreen Ellingson - IT Support

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> Attached is a zip file.  Inside are the scripts required.
> The "InstallPrinterDrivers" script is a startup script.
> The other two go into the "Logon Script" folder in a GPO.
> I may have left too much extraneous stuff (variables, etc...) 
> in the logon script, but I would expect you to debug it 
> before rolling it out anyway.  I trimmed out all of the stuff 
> that appeared to be completely unnecessary.
> To get it going:
> 1. Create groups, one for each printer, and add a test user 
> to those groups. 2. Add each printer and group name to the 
> CSV file. 3. Run the logon script while logged on as the test 
> (non-admin) user and see which printers fail... I find 
> BareTail (www.baremetalsoft.com) invaluable for monitoring 
> the tail end of the logon log... if you get an error about a 
> missing driver, the printer that is listed last in the 
> Logon.log is the one that failed. 4. Add entries to the 
> InstallPrinterDrivers script as needed
> The hardest part is crafting the correct "rundll32 
> printui.dll,PrintUIEntry" command to get the drivers to 
> install... for this, I log on as an admin and craft the 
> correct command at the command line.  Then I add it to the 
> script (doubling the quotes, of course) when I get it right.
> I guess the only thing I can think of that would make it more 
> modular would be to put the list of drivers required into a 
> CSV file, and read that in the startup script, but since I 
> only had three printer drivers that I need to automate, I 
> haven't done that yet.
> Hope this helps someone... Give me a yell if you need any help,
> Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA
> David Clark Company Inc. 
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> Subject: [windows2000] Automated Printer Connections
> I finally figured out what has been bothering me for years... 
> Quite some time ago, I decided that I wanted my printers to 
> get connected during login for my users. 
> I went through all sorts of work setting up group memberships 
> and all that jazz, but found that, for some of our printers, 
> there were no W2k drivers built-in, and they needed to be 
> installed.  But my users don't have rights to install 
> drivers, so those printers still had to be done manually.
> Now, I have written a VBScript startup script which installs 
> the printer drivers that I need at startup, under the 
> privileges of the Local System account.
> So, every time I add a new printer, I have three steps to do 
> before I can "deploy" it to the people that need it: 
> 1. Add the printer information to a CSV file that contains 
> the info for all of our printers, in this format: 
> Printer Queue, Group Name, Description 
> \\CSTerminal05\HP6P <file://\\CSTerminal05\HP6P> , 
> Printer_CS_HP_6P, CS HP6 
> 2. Add a test account to the group for the printer, and login 
> to a win2k machine.  If the printer is connected correctly, 
> there are already drivers installed, and step three is unnecessary
> 3. If a driver needs to be installed, download/extract the 
> drivers, put them in my public access share, and craft a 
> command to install it, and put that command into the startup script.
> Then, the next time the computer restarts, the drivers will 
> be installed, and then the printer connected as needed when 
> the user logs in.
> If anyone would like me to go into more detail, feel free to 
> ask.  I'm just so psyched it's working... 
> Glenn Sullivan, MCSE+I  MCDBA 
> David Clark Company Inc. 
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