[windows2000] Re: Kenzig Group Launches CIPA.ORG!

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I still really just wish that Internic, or whoever, would just give
.porn or .xxx as a TLD.  It sure would make parental controls easier!
Hopefully by the time my kid(s) get of computer age, things will be a
little cleaned up.  YEAH RIGHT!
Ray at work

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On September 3rd 2006, Jim Kenzig, CEO of the Kenzig Group announced the
release of a new website entitled CIPA.ORG. 
CIPA, in the US, Stands for the Childrens Internet Protection Act.  In
order for Schools and Libraries to receive Govenment Funding called
E-Rate funds for their Internet connection, they must provide a filter
according to CIPA.  
This website provides links and information for Schools, Libraries and
Parents on Internet Filtering, Erate and Family child safety. 
Check it out at http://CIPA.org

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