[windows2000] JOB OPENING: Ohio State Govt. Job Posting Administrative Staff-Library Tech Project Manager, Columbus Ohio.

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Thought I would pass this one along to the list in case anyone is interested.  
The Ohio Public Library Information Network(Oplin) is seeking a Tech Project 
Manager. (Mostly Network related experience required)  I am on the OPLIN board 
of trustees and will be part of interviewing team so I can not give any further 
details or answer any other questions about this position other than to post it 
out here. Please call the number at the bottom of the posting with any 
  This is a state government job with excellent benefits. For example Public 
Employees Retirement System(PERS). 
  Link is here: 
  Administrative Staff-Library Tech Project Manager - 99580      SALARY:
  Annual $55,000.00 - $75,000.00      POSITION NUMBER (PCN):
  607.0        JOB LOCATION:

    2323 W. 5th Ave., Suite 130, Columbus, OH, 43204, Franklin County
  Hours set by director      DIVISION:
    Executive Director Stephen Hedges
  2323 W. 5th Ave. Suite 130, Columbus, OH, 43204      DATE POSTED:
  11/03/2006 12:00:AM        DATE EXPIRES: Until Filled            A 
proficiency/skills assessment may be given as part of the interview process
        This is a Administrative Staff, Permanent, Exempt, Unclassified 
position (may include promotion, transfer or demotion).
  Job Duties: Manages assigned projects that cover all phases of technology 
project management, with activities & responsibilities resting primarily within 
one given office/program (OPLIN) & whose primary stakeholders are management, 
staff &/or end users, directs delivery (i.e., does not require direct 
involvement of, but may be overseen by executive director or board) to end user 
(e.g., agency employees, outside agency, public customer) for operation/use, 
focuses on testing, monitoring & modification of delivery to end user, assists 
in writing policy, directs, implements, & monitors policy & ensures compliance, 
interprets federal & state laws & regulations, makes recommendations & 
modifications to facilitate end user compliance to policy, establishes 
procedures/guidelines for policy compliance, oversees implementation schedule, 
develops &/or directs development & implementation of planning documents (e.g., 
resources, specific assignments; serves as agency representative
 for project in public forums (e.g., focus groups, other state agencies, county 
agencies, media, federal government, legislature), & makes project 
presentations to educate/train end users.

Defines project requirements, quality standards & time lines; determines & 
evaluates risks that may affect project; defines specific activities to be 
performed to produce project deliverables; evaluates deliverables & ensures 
project is ready to move on to its next phase; addresses any problems found in 
testing/piloting; ensures scheduled time frames are met; reports on delivery 
problems & provides performance data; provides regular progress reports; 
determines & allocates resources & assists in budget planning for projects; 
determines & evaluates testing &/or pilot program &/or project; manages & 
processes (e.g., selects appropriate processes, devises scope/material/product, 
establishes selection criteria, follows appropriate processes, coordinates 
review proposals, conducts bidder conferences, directs evaluation of 
bid/proposals, recommends bid/proposal selection, represents agency/project to 
controlling board, executes valid contract & manages request for proposal, quote
 & information & invitation to bid) procurement document. Interviews 
stakeholders to determine needs & expectations & maintains regular contact with 
stakeholders to market product or service & obtain feedback which involves 
independent (i.e., not requiring control, permission &/or interaction by 
Executive Director) direct involvement with local (e.g., state, county, &/or 
city official) stakeholders as necessary; manages & negotiates change (e.g., 
cost assignments, objectives) within assigned projects; determines need for 
division of given projects into subprojects, distribution of work for 
subprojects (e.g., outside source), & oversees activities conducted within each 

Attends meetings, conferences &/or workshops on related topics; performs other 
duties as assigned by the Executive Director.
  Minimum Qualifications: Completion of undergraduate core coursework in 
computer science or related field which included discussion and use of computer 
software & hardware; 18 months experience administering computer network; 18 
months experience in computer systems analysis & design & basic data processing 
concepts; 18 months experience commensurate with job duties to be performed & 
knowledges & skills required as outlined in approved position description on 
file for position to be filled as advertised in job posting.

  Preferred Qualifications: 

The ideal candidate will have: Beyond the minimum qualifications, OPLIN will be 
screening applications in search of candidates who also posses the additional 
experience and qualifications listed below.

? Experience in leading a team in completion of technical project(s).

? Ability to demonstrate presentations to large groups. 
  Unusual Working Conditions: May require travel throughout State of Ohio & may 
require overnight stays (Must be willing to secure a valid Driver License OR 
supply your own transportation) May work evenings & weekends.
  Worker Characteristics Requirements: Knowledge of Office Practices & 
Procedures*; Public Relations, Project Management; Time Management; OPLIN 
Policies & Procedures* (e.g., work rules, etc.), interviewing, market trends. 
Skill in Equipment Operations & applicable software (e.g., computer, computer 
hardware & software, printer, keyboard operations, fax machine, photocopier, 
presentation software, spreadsheet applications); applicable networking 
technologies (e.g., Windows & Linux severs; networking protocols such as TCP/IP 
and BGP for routing; network switching; network caching; perimeter firewalls; 
network intrusion detection; web server services such as Apache, SMTP, 
Sendmail, Squirrelmail, PHP, MySQL & Microsoft SQL; user-level web services 
such as HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/SFTP & SSH; wireless standards such as Bluetooth, 
802.11, RFID & WiFi). Ability to manage multiple demands or tasks on projects 
or programs; solve problems involving several variables in unique situation;
 review & evaluate project progress; develop & deliver presentations; 
communicate effectively on project information in a team setting.
  Comment 1: Only applicants who clearly indicate how they meet minimum 
qualifications will be considered for an interview. Note: Employment is 
contingent upon successful completion of a personal background check and 
urinalysis drug test. Position is unclassified service and is overtime exempt. 
All new employees are required to have direct deposit of their paycheck to a 
financial institution, pursuant to O.R.C. 125.151 (B). The State of Ohio is an 
Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are a person with a disability and 
modification of our interview procedures is necessary to accommodate you, we 
will do so. If contacted for an interview, please advise of the type of 
accommodation needed.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this posting, please contact:

          Employee Relations   Phone: (614)644-6889 , Fax: 614-644-1972

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