[windows2000] Re: Inaccessible_Boot_Device Error

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  • Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 13:51:53 -0800

Found this:


Also here:


but it says for when one moves a hard drive from one system to another, but
the spike could have changed something (hardware?) that might have caused it
to think it's not in the same machine. <shrug>

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>The repair process in Windows 2000 has never worked for me without the
>EBD but all may not be lost.  I have had the same problem (on an
>Exchange server!!)  You should boot from the Windows CD and choose to
>reinstall over the top.  You will receive a dire warning that your
>program files and my documents will be deleted (in my case they were not
>- but no guarantees - and anyway, you *do* back them up remotely don't
>Hope this helps.  Good luck.
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>> From: Robert Jackson [mailto:rab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]=20
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>> Subject: [windows2000] Inaccessible_Boot_Device Error
>> Hi All,
>> We had a power spike in our building last night. Looks like=20
>> we got off lucky. All our servers are fine as they are=20
>> protected by UPS's. Only one Windows 2000 workstation is=20
>> causing us problems.
>> During the boot process after displaying the Windows 2000=20
>> start-up page the PC blue screens with the error message:
>> STOP: 0x0000007B

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