[windows2000] Re: Identifying and Removing Dead User Accounts from NT Domain

  • From: "Ibrahim Abdi, Mustafa" <Mustafa.Ibrahim.Abdi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 10:38:13 -0400

Denis, appreciate the point. This has been our policy but someone over here has 
been slacking (to say the least) and has not been on top of NT account 
management. This is something we are addressing but it doesn't answer my 
current question thanks anyway.

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hmm, doesn't sound like there is a good precedure for deleting /disabling 
accounts at your side.....
Over here, we disable an acount when the HR department tells us to, and 
(default) after one month, the account is deleted and the homedir is backed up 
and then deleted. 
Maybe something to implement after you have moved over to win2k.......this way, 
you won't have the same problem when you have to migrate to windows 2003 in a 
year or 2. 
A good solid way to find out which accounts are being used is disabling them 
all.....I can assure you that they will give you a call when they want to 
logon. (-: Only bad thing is that you will have calls from 500 users......

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From: Ibrahim Abdi, Mustafa [mailto:Mustafa.Ibrahim.Abdi@xxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [windows2000] Identifying and Removing Dead User Accounts from NT 

Hi all, 

I am running an NT domain here with approx 500 users altogether in this site. 
We are planning to move over to AD soon as part of our preparation I would like 
to scan my NT4 PDC for dead user accounts so I can remove them all prior to 
migration so my new Ad will only contain active user accounts instead of loads 
of unused or disabled accounts from people that may not be here anymore. So my 
question is: Is there a resource kit Util or script or anything out there that 
will scan my master SAM file or the user accounts on the PDC and tell me which 
accounts have not been used for sometime and stuff?

Any feedback appreciated. Many thanks in advance 


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