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Pricewatch lists a A7V266C mb with a Athlon XP 1500+ CPU. Does your MB have
a Socket 462?

There's also (maybe not on Pricewatch, but according to the ASUS site) the
E, Ex and M models (A7V266X)

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>I have a computer that I built myself.  It has an Asus A7V motherboard.  =
>At the time, the Athlon 1000 was as the fastest Athlon processor =
>available.  The specs for this motherboard say it can run up to an =
>Athlon 1000.=20
>I would like to install a new Athlon XP processor but I am not sure if =
>the board will support it.  Asus has nothing to offer.  There are other =
>boards out there with the same chipset and FSB that do support the =
>Athlon XP.  Does it matter that much or should I be able to just swap =
>the processors?
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