[windows2000] Re: HP printers and Windows Server 2003 [Solved]

  • From: "Sorin Srbu" <sorin.srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 14:12:05 +0200

Removed the old UPD based queue on the win2k3 server and recreated it with
the built-in Laserjet 2000-driver instead. Single-sided and duplex printing
now works as expected. Only disadvantage is that the printrez is 300x300dpi
(and only that) at the moment. Some more tweaking, with other drivers, might
unlock at least the 600x600 printing resolution. For all practical reasons I
can live with this, for now. 8-)

Thx for wasting all this time for me HP...

Thx Greg+list for the feedback!


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>I normally buy HP original toner for all our dozen or so printers, none of
>which are now the same model, so I don't think I'll have a problem with
>toners not being the same type. The cheaper refill toners I've tried have
>been somewhat of a disappointment, especially since our university has a
>discount from HP on supplies and hardware.
>Anyway, I'll look into Oki some more and see what the boss says...
>Thx for your input!
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>>the only catch I could find with Oki is that you have to buy oki toner and
>not refills.
>>their toner is different than other lasers.  they also separate the toner
>from the drum.
>>that is the main reason the toner is cheaper.  you only have to replace
>>about every three or four toners.
>>www.compudirect.net has a pretty good explanation of why the Oki toner is
>>Basically, it is a low heat toner that melts at a lower temp than others.
>>I also think they are still living down a bad reputation they earned in
>late 90's/early
>>2000's when they stuff was poor quality.
>>they are really LED printers and not Laser from a technical standpoint.
>>this all started for me back when HP changed from the 4000 to the 4100.
>>4000s deployed all over the place and then needed more and couldn't get
>>They had been replaced by the 4100.  So we bought a bunch of those only to
>find out
>>the toners were compatible between the two.  I got pissed and started
>buying the
>>Oki's.  it worked out really well for us.  I could also take their low end
>unit and plug
>>then straight to a PC.  as needs changed, i could add a network card and
>>papertray and have a nice workgroup device.  I couldn't do that with the
>>we were buying as personal printers at the time.
>>On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 9:57 AM, Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>      Oki, huh? Would the Oki 6000-series roughly be the same thing as the
>>      3600-series or HP Laserjet 4300-series in terms of speed and stuff?
>>      I'm going to assume the Oki 6000-series are real network printers,
>>      crappy disguised host-based/GDI junk, right?
>>      Just checked the OKI B6250DN. Seems a likely candidate. Apparently
>>it's got a
>>      complete PCL/PS support, something that to me sings "no GDI". It's
>>      cheap as well. There's got to be a catch somewhere... 8-/
>>      --
>>      /Sorin
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>>      >
>>      >I have had nothing but trouble with Xerox everywhere i have been in
>>      >career.  14
>>      >years now, every place i have been with Xerox has had trouble.  My
>>last job
>>      >was at a
>>      >Hospital and we hada dedicated Xerox employee in house who's sole
>>job was to
>>      >run
>>      >around fixing our Xerox printers and copiers.  they jammed, they
>>broke, parts
>>      >always
>>      >needed replacing and one actually caught fire.  Users hated them
>>we spent
>>      >a
>>      >fortune on them.
>>      >
>>      >HP was always been the workhorse but my grief with them is that
>>every time
>>      >they
>>      >change models (even withing the same "family") none of the supplies
>>      >compatible.  then there are the driver issues everyone seems to
>>      >them.
>>      >they've had driver issues since the NT 4 days and they still have
>>      >today.
>>      >
>>      >I generally buy Oki printers these days when I can.  The units are
>>      >cheaper to
>>      >begin with.  Supplies are usually cheaper too and they remain
>>      >among the
>>      >same "family".  So the 6000, 6100, 6200 all take the same toner and
>>      >Users
>>      >also don't have to do some funky slide maneuver to change toner
>>either.  It
>>      >lifts
>>      >straight up and straight down.  The drivers and firmware has never
>>given me
>>      >trouble
>>      >either.  We had them  on our nurses stations and our nurses never
>>managed to
>>      >break them.  Nurses can break anything.
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Sorin Srbu
>><sorin.srbu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >       Hi all,
>>      >
>>      >       Looking for recommendations basically.
>>      >
>>      >       We have a new HP Laserjet P2055DN that just won't play nice
>>with our
>>      >       Win2k3-based printer server. After having searched the 'net
>>      >support
>>      >       site for a couple of hours, I've now found that the reason
>for this is
>>      >       likely HP's (host-based) Universal Printer Driver and the
>fact that
>>      >2055DN
>>      >       is a GDI-printer in disguise. In any case, it's just plain
>buggy and
>>      >when
>>      >       connected to the network and the printer server.
>>      >
>>      >       Connected over a usb-cable, it prints fast and nice,
>although it
>>      >print
>>      >       single-sided documents for some reason, it prints duplex
>>      >setting I
>>      >       set... Flashed it to no avail... 8-/
>>      >
>>      >       So, would you guys have any recommendations on what to buy,
>>that is
>>      >an
>>      >       honest-to-god real network printer like HP *used* to be
>>      >ago?
>>      >
>>      >       I've heard Xerox is supposedly pretty good and that they
>>      >have
>>      >       this silly hidden host-based junk like most all HP have
>>      >what
>>      >       model should I look into you think?
>>      >
>>      >       Hints and recommendations appreciated! Thanks.

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